Shekhar 5600 reels editing | sky change reels editing capcut

In this post,we will see how to make this type of video using Capcut app.

If you have not seen this editing tutorial yet , Click below to watch full Tutorial.

Material used for this video editing

  1. Download VN APP(from Playstore Or any appstore)
  2. Download Capcut APP
  3. Video (Material)

Download from here:

If you don’t understant this than you can watch the tutorial video on youtube at the beginning of the post.

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1. Try Content Writing Jobs

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2. Start Blogging

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3. Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a proven way how to earn money online in India. This is also the answer to how to earn money online with google. Before we jump into it, let’s quickly understand how Google Adsense works and what is it. Google is the biggest advertising company on the Internet, millions of websites sell digital space on their web pages to Google. And google sells this virtual Ad space to brands that want to show ads to the visitor on those websites. The money that companies spend on Google Ads gets distributed to the websites on which the Ads were shown and a part of that money goes to Google. For you to take advantage of AdSense and make money online in India with Google Adsense, you’ll need a website with decent traffic. Then you’d need to create an AdSense account and get your website verified on it. Google usually verifies websites with good content and decent traffic. Once your website is verified and connected with Google Adsense, you can insert the Ad’s code provided on the Adsense console in your blogs. Now Google will start serving relevant Ads on your website based on the content and audience of your website. Follow the best practices and you’d start earning a stable income from this source. There are certain websites with millions of monthly traffic that are earning more than 1 lakh rs. Per month through Google AdSense.

4. Look For Translation Jobs Online

Translation jobs are plenty and as the Internet platforms continue to move into regional content, expanding and optimizing the content for other languages will continue. In India, the platforms like Sharechat, Pratilipi, and others look for people for creating regional content and translating content into regional languages. For international translation jobs, you can checkout Stepes, Gengo, and others. If you’ve command over the English language or your native language, in addition to one more language then there’s a high probability of you landing a part-time translation job online. You can also search for translation jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

5. Beta Test Apps and Websites Before They are Released

Students in CS and IT fields are well-versed with tech and this could be something that they can do easily. Here are some websites that you can join as a beta tester and accomplish how to earn money online in India: BetaTesting, Tester Work,, or TryMyUI. Anyways, most students these days are good with the Internet, gadgets, and mobiles, this is an easy way to make money online for students. All you’ll need to do is sign up on the above-mentioned platforms and do detailed testing of the website or application. In the testing, your job is to find out what doesn’t work in the app/website, what bugs are still present in the production, and what improvements can make the user’s experience on that particular application or website.


The gig economy was a big buzzword a few years ago. In Gigs, companies hire people to do a single task repeatedly. The workers can do the work as per their availability, and they’ll be paid on the basis of work done. Food delivery, Uber, freelancing, pay-per-hour models, etc. come under the gig economy. You can sign up on these suggested platforms (Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Kool Kanya, Fiverr, or Truelancer) for gig work and create your profile. Make your profile, update it with the relevant skills you have, and what kind of job you are looking to do. And start applying. You can also find gig work in your locality or in your city. For example, if you are good with pets, you can become a pet waker. If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can start playing that in events and pubs as a side gig. If you are good with physical training, you can take up a few clients and work out with them. There are a lot of doors that you can open just by acquiring one skill that has some demand in the market, and you’ll be unstoppable at making money in India.

7. See if Affiliate Marketing Works for You

In Affiliate marketing, you send traffic from your website or blog (using an affiliate link) to an e-commerce platform on specific products. And if the people from within the traffic from your website make a purchase on that website, you’ll receive affiliate commission which can be anywhere between 1% to 10% of the purchase value. Or it could be a fixed reward for affiliates. Websites that send affiliate traffic are called “Affiliate Partners”. And e-commerce that offers such value do it under their affiliate partner program. Amazon has the world’s most popular affiliate reward program. You can learn more about Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program here. Now you’d think, how would I pursue people who are reading my blog or visiting my website to click on affiliate links and make a purchase. The answer is that you’d need to be creative with your content. The easiest way to start is by reviewing products in your niche. For example, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you can start reviewing household products and put amazon affiliate links under them. As and when your readers read your blog, they’d make a consideration and will click on those links to go to And from there, even if that doesn’t purchase that exact product and make another purchase, you’ll still receive rewards for sending valuable converting users to Amazon. When you start setting up an affiliate account, you might need to read these resources: what is an affiliate code, and what is an SEO score.

8. Sell your Photos and Videos

If you are a photographer and thinking “how to earn money online in India?”, this is for you! Selling stock photos and videos online is a huge industry. With more and more businesses coming online and leveraging digital content for growing their business online. The need for relevant, realistic, and high-quality photo and video content is at an all-time high. The demand for stock photos and video is likely to keep growing as people are relying on content marketing to grow their businesses on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. You might assume that you’d need to be a professional photographer in order to make money online in India by selling your photos and videos. But that isn’t entirely true. With decent camera skills and an understanding of the market, you stand a decent chance to make money online with it. First of all, you need to understand that there’s a shortage of authentic regional stock photos and videos on the Internet. And second is that you have to research, consistently upload stock photos and videos, and forget them. You do not need to market your stock photos and videos. Here are some websites that you can try out to sell your photos and videos online: Shutterstock, Pexels, istockphoto, pixabay, Adobe Stock. Pro Tip: Offer brands to create reels, youtube shorts, and visual content for their social media and promotional/marketing needs.

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