Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds All chests and vistas locations


Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a free-to-play role-playing video game developed by Netmarble and published by Level-5 for Android, iOS, and Windows. The game was revealed in November 2019 and was released in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan on June 10, 2021, and globally in English on May 25, 2022. Cross Worlds was created using Unreal Engine 4.

The game’s story follows a beta tester for a fictional virtual reality game called Soul Diver, which transports them to the world of Ni no Kuni. Within Soul Diver, they meet an AI character named Rania before a glitch crashes the game. The character awakens in a burning city where they save the Queen, who is revealed to be the parallel version of Rania

The game features five character classes: Destroyer, Engineer, Rogue, Swordsman, and Witch.

Each region apart from the starting area Evermore includes three vistas and three chests. Vistas are represented by this floating purple pillar that you activate to trigger a beautiful panorama, while chests are just as the name implies; however, you need to have a treasure chest key to open them, an item that you may earn by completing quests, some achievements, or purchasing it at the shop.

Note: If you cannot find chests in these location , this means somebody else has claimed them recently.So, you have to try after some time or you can change the channel of the area to get the chests.

Southern Heartlands

Southern Heartlands Vistas

  1. World Keeper’s Nest
  2. Zephyr Station
  3. Great Uncle Autumn’s Garden

Southern Heartlands Chests

  1. Uphill Street Chest
  2. Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest
  3. Farm Back Street Chest

Eastern Heartlands

Eastern Heartlands Vistas

  1. Ancient Ruins
  2. Sulfur Mine
  3. Ignis’s Nest

Eastern Heartlands Chests

  1. Waterlogged Chest
  2. Sulfur Mine Chest
  3. Ruin Wreckage Chest

Note: Just remember that the jumping machanics of game is a bit different, so to jump properly you have to keep a little distance from the ramp.You must perfect jumping because most of the chests are on higher platforms.

Golden Grove

Golden Grove Vistas

  1. Spring of Life
  2. Mushroom Tree
  3. Fairy Village

Golden Grove Chests

  1. Tree Vine Chest
  2. Chest on Boulders
  3. Stone Steps Chest

Serene Forest

Serene Forest Vistas

  1. Big Mushroom Swamp
  2. Stone Pillar Marsh
  3. Heart of the Forest

Serene Forest Chests

  1. Chest on a Mushroom
  2. Chest by the Water
  3. Treeroot Chestthe Treeroot Chest is one of the toughest to find in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. The overall chest difficulty throughout the game is on the lower side, but this one requires some patience and faith. You must explore an uncharted area of the map to reach the Treeroot Chest location.

Allegra Plateau

Allegra Plateau Vistas

  1. Barren Plateau
  2. Sky Pirate Headquarters
  3. Hot Spring Area

Allegra Plateau Chests

  1. Chest on Rocks
  2. Chest Hidden Below
  3. Chest Hidden Between Trees

Cloudcoil Canyon

Cloudcoil Canyon Vistas

  1. Thorny Cliff
  2. Sandy Dock
  3. Dreamland

Cloudcoil Canyon Chests

  1. Chest on Wooden Plank
  2. Thorny Vine Chest
  3. Ravine Bone Chest

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Vistas

  1. Heat Tree
  2. Yule
  3. Frosted Tree

Winter Wonderland Chests

  1. Across the Bridge Chest
  2. Snow-Covered Cliff Chest
  3. Tree Vine Bridge Chest

Glittering Grotto

Glittering Grotto Vistas

  1. Ancient Technology Lab
  2. Lab Advanced Base
  3. The Glacial Palace

Glittering Grotto Chests

  1. Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest
  2. Chest Below Wooden Bridge
  3. Waterfall Chest

Burning Desert

Burning Desert Vistas

  1. Desert Oasis
  2. Mysterious Desert Ruins
  3. Moneyma’am City

Burning Desert Chests

  1. Cheese Rock Chest
  2. Collapsed Ruin Chest
  3. Ruin Pillar Chest

Woebegone Wilds

Woebegone Wilds Vistas

  1. Statue of Heroes
  2. Shrine of Water
  3. Shrine of Fire

Woebegone Wilds Chests

  1. Chest in a Shrine
  2. Chest Inside a Waterfall
  3. Statue Protecting Chest

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley Vistas

  1. Rainbow Ore Quarry
  2. Shrines of Light and Darkness
  3. Waivro Village

Rainbow Valley Chests

  1. Broken Shrine Chest
  2. Rainbow Ore Chest
  3. Rainbow Mine Chest

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