Money rain tiktok tutorial | Capcut 3d zoom video editing

In this post,we will see how to make 3d zoom pro video editing using CapCut app.

If you have not seen this editing tutorial yet , Click below to watch full Tutorial.

Material used in this video

  1. Download CapCut
  2. VPN
  3. Background Music

Download from here

Let’s Start the Tutorial Step by Step:

  1. First of all download and install (VPN).
  2. You can use any vpn app, you can download it from playstore or any other appstore.
  3. Open CapCut and choose picture you want to edit
  4. Go to Style Option/3d zoom pro effect(APPLY IT).
  5. Add music, i have given download links.
  6. Save Video.

If you don’t understant this than you can watch the tutorial video on youtube at the beginning of the post.

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There are many individuals and brands on the Internet that are selling homemade or 100% organic products using naturally sourced raw materials. There’s a demand in the market for organic homemade products. But people find it difficult to trust a big brand name when they promote products under the organic label. Because people who are available of the importance of using natural and organic products know that big companies at an industrial scale can’t possibly make 100% organic products.

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2. Sell Digital Course

Creating and selling pre-recorded digital courses is a great way to make money online in India. There are many platforms that you can utilize for uploading and distributing your course online like Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare.

In order to launch your paid online course, you’ll need to do a few things. First, you’ll need to research and figure out what kind of courses are not available on the Internet that overlap with your area of expertise. Then you need to figure out what are the things that available courses in the market are lacking. It could be course quality, missed topics, poor assignments, or high prices. With this research and knowledge in your mind, you should approach the creation of your course curriculum, record your course videos at home or at a recording studio near you, edit it, and upload it on the course distribution platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.

Selling digital courses online is a sure-shot way of creating a sustainable and ever-generating source of money online.

3. Design and Sell Costume Jewellery Online

Currently, around 20% of e-commerce buyers shop for jewelry online in India. This number is ~70% in the USA. You can read more about how big is the Online Jewelry market in India. The point we are trying to make is that this is a growing trend. And the demand for the types of preferred jewelry varies from region to region. People have different tastes, trends come and go, different occasions need different types of jewelry, and people in different cultures have their own preferences. And if you are someone who is skilled in costume jewelry making, then you may consider doing its business online.

By now you know the common theme of launching your business online and gettings sales as we’ve mentioned in various ways to make money online. You need to start with a smaller variety in your inventory, create your social media presence, create content around your product, and grow your audience. You can also take it to the next level by creating your own e-commerce website.

Without a website, for collecting payments, you can use RazorPay Pages, PhonePe, or Gpay. Collect order details in DMs on your Instagram or WhatsApp. And ship the order using ShipRocket. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to sell jewelry online.

4. Start cloud kitchen (or Tiffin center)

The Cloud kitchen industry has been booming lately. There has certainly been a shift to how Indians approach eating outside and ordering in. There are more Indians today who are comfortable ordering from home, trust the cloud kitchens for basic hygiene. And also trust the major food delivery companies Swiggy and Zomato for delivering the food on time. If Swiggy and Zomato are operational in your city, then running a cloud kitchen from your home can be a good side-business.

You can either do it at scale or do it as per your time permits to just make some extra income every month. But you must know that setting up and running a cloud kitchen is an operationally intensive job. And this business has a low-profit margin. But if you are able to create a unique offering, balance taste & price, and cater to a gap in the market, your cloud kitchen can very well take off. You can either register for your cloud kitchen and sell online as Swiggy Partner, Zomato Partner or create your independent restaurant online using DotPe and start collecting orders.

5. Start pickle business

Indians love pickles. Pickles are a part of almost every household in India. And a lot of those who live away from home or don’t have someone in their family for making homemade pickles, rely on the packaged pickles sold by big food brands. A small pickle business is something that many ladies and families in India have been doing. And the interesting thing about pickles is that every family has its own traditional recipe and unique taste.

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6. Sewing business from home

If you know how to sew (or stitch) garments, tote bags, handbags, custom-designed clothing, then you can explore starting your own online sewing business from home. The demand for custom-made and homemade garments has remained as it is for many. In fact, there’s an increased demand for fashionable homemade clothing. If you have got the sewing skill, then you can read this blog and get 21 Sewing business ideas to start from home and earn money in India. You’d again need to help of WhatsApp, MyDukaan, Bikayi, Instagram, and Facebook to promote your sewing business online in your city.

7. Open a daycare for toddlers

If you happen to live in a metro city or a locality where there are many working women or many corporate offices in your vicinity, then opening a daycare for toddlers can be a perfect business. Although there are many logistical requirements and limitations to opening this business and promoting it online, this can be a good profitable small business.

Opening a daycare your own space or a rented space will require an upfront investment. And you’d also need to be good with managing staff, parents, and the toddlers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to start a home daycare center in India. You can take your business online by listing it on Google My Business and making it visible to potential customers.

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