Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Complete walkthrough guide, Tips and tricks

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society


Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society is a first person dungeon crawler RPG . This game is by NIS emphasizes creating party members , exploring dungeons floors and defeating enemies to survive.

Since Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society is fairly difficult, so here is the compete guide of the game and some bonus tips and tricks to tackle all the obstacle in the game.

Beginner Tips

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

1.Do not waste too much silver

You have two types of currency in game silver and mana.

CurrencyUsesHow to earn
ManaYou spend it at the Witch Petition to unlock bonuses, new moves, and similar effects. You can even unlock easier and harder difficulties.You’ll collect Mana by fighting in battles, exploring the dungeons, and finding them in walls.
SilverYou can purchase items from the General Store.You’ll get Silver from selling items you don’t need or in dungeons.

Since, you get mana from combat you can spend it freely, but spend silver carefully and only for the things which are important.

You can also lose limbs in game of your character so, use silver to get them them back to their usual selves.

2.Make multiple save files if you spend your Silver on different items

That way, you can always load your previous save files if you spend too much money or face problems. The same works for trying out sealed equipment.

3.Explore Previous Floors Again

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

Exploring floors a second time offers solid benefits that could help you during your journey.

You should start each floor by opening the map, looking for these details, and exploring to see what you can find. You’ll notice new breakable locations spawn each time you enter the dungeon.

4.Approach Every Event You Come Across

You’ll come across multiple events, which appear as exclamation points on the field that are color-coded to let you know what they do.

Event ColorWhat It Does
BlueYou’ll receive a tutorial and information about the game.
GreenYou can act there by jumping across a gap or checking something in the area.
RedThough it usually progresses the story, you’ll need to fight an enemy or boss.

5.The Mini-Map Is More Important Than The First-Person Perspective

Even though you have a large area to look at while you go through a dungeon, you’ll want to focus on the mini-map since it provides vital information to help you through each floor

If the monster is red or purplePurple indicates a powerful monster, so you’ll want to avoid them.

6.Sit still if you don’t know how to deal with an enemy or situation.

The game treats the dungeon exploration like turns, so if you don’t move, the enemy can’t move, giving you all the time necessary to plan it out.

7.Use Your Food On New Party Members

you’ll get different food from monsters. You can use the food on characters to give them experience, speeding up the leveling process,. Use them to level up new characters.

8.Save Your Witch’s Bells

Avoid using the Witch’s Bells you get. They exist to help you escape a dungeon. You should hold off on using Witch’s Bells if you have less than three in your inventory because, you may not get plenty of them if you don’t farm for them.

9.Avoid enemies by stepping away from them.

Since no one can move diagonally you can avoid enemies that way and they will stop chasing you.

Combat Basics And Essentials

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society
  • You’ll unlock more pacts to organize your party in the game, as classes level up, you gain more abilities but the active abilities are available in pacts, allowing you to mix and match.
  • You can use abilities in combat to heal your characters, but you can’t do the same with items without a passive ability.
  • You can organize your teammates into the Vanguard and Rearguard both with different benefits and drawbacks. Choose the correct option by their weapons instead of their class. Vanguard: Hammer, Katar, Sword, and Scythe. Rearguard: Crossbow and Lamp.
  • If you ever forget a character’s weapon type, check the squares in the top-left corner of their health portraits.
  • As you fight enemies, some of them may attack you with a gore hit, which causes you to lose limbs. Losing limbs will affect you attack and defence.

Chest Locations

Narthax B1

CoordinatesStarting PointHow To Reach It
10, 1612, 20Head north, go west, and enter the first door you reach. You’ll find the chest in the room.
6, 1410, 16Leave the previous room, go west, and enter the door leading to the chest.
6, 166, 14Go south of the and use the Wall Breaker ability to get the chest.
14, 2012, 20Break the east wall. You’ll find the chest on the other side.
7, 2314, 20Go south. Once you reach the pit, go west and break the wall. Hop across the pit and enter the south door. You’ll find the chest on the west side of the room.
7, 247, 23Directly south of the previous chest.
14, 1612, 20Head north, go east, and enter the first door to find the chest.
19, 1314, 16Leave the room and go east. Enter the door and go through the north door. You’ll find a gap to the left, so hop over it. Go through the west door, follow the hallway south and west, then go through the south door. You’ll find the chest in the opposite corner.
17, 719, 13Go back through the door. Head east and enter the north door to find the chest.
15, 717, 7Break the west wall and hop over the hole.
20, 715, 7Hop east and leave the room. Go east and enter the door. Break the wall to the north and step forward to reach the chest.
20, 629, 7North of the previous chest.
22, 620, 6East of the last chest.
22, 722, 6South of the previous chest.
24, 622, 7Break the east wall, and you’ll enter the room with the new chest.
25, 1524, 6Leave through the south door and enter the door to your immediate west. Hop south across the gap and enter the south door. Go through the east door, then the south door, and you’ll find the chest at the end of the short hallway.
25, 2425, 15Break through the south wall. Go through the two south doors, head to the room’s southeast corner, and break the south wall to get the chest. You can also go around the west side through multiple doors to reach it.
11, 1712, 20Take three steps north after standing in front of the Wardrobe. You’ll break the west wall and find the chest.
20, 1711, 17Leave the hole in the wall from the last chest. Head north, then travel east and go through the door. Go south, break the south wall, and get it.
25, 1320, 17Go north from the previous chest, then travel east through the east door. Head south through the door, travel east, and you’ll see the chest north.
21, 925, 13Leave the room. Go through the west door, then the north door, and hop over the west gap. Break the north wall, step through, then take a step north and east. You’ll Long Jump south and find the chest.

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