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How To Earn Money From Winzo App May 2022

Winzo App is a type of gaming app through which you can easily earn money, in this application there is a variety of games present and by ust playing games you can earn money
This application is available on Android And Iphone.

Sign up offer's in Winzo App

  1. You will get instant 15 rupees after registering in the app.
  2. You will get one fantasy ticket for free.
  3. You can play 3 tournaments for free.
  4. You will get 20 Rupees. on the free spin bill.
  5. You will get 75% cashback on added cash.

Earn through referral code?

now you can easily earn money through referral code, the more player you invite to this app the more money you wil get for each reffer.

How to withdraw the money

We have discussed some ways through which you can easily earn money,now let's discuss how to withdraw the money.
In the application only there will be options available to withdraw the money in your bank account for the UPI, by just selecting the withdrawal option , the money will be directly sent into your account


Winzo app is a type of gaming app through which you can easily earn money by just playing games
It is also a very great way of entertaining yhourself and on money, there are different ways to earn money thruogh this application and we ahve even discussed some of the ways in this article, this application has more than 32 games and it will also entertain you and you can also earn money so hope now you can understand How to earn money from winzo app

Some Other Earning Ideas

1. Host house parties

If you live in one of the metro cities in India or in an urbanized city and happen to have a nice home with some kind of unique features: terrace, spacious, garden, balcony, etc. You can think about listing it on house party websites. And you can either rent out your place to others for hosting a house party or host your own paid house parties. There are many startups in India where you can register your property and start listing amazing house parties. Some of such websites are PlayAce, thepepspot, sloshout, and PartyVillas.

2. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level marketing companies have got a bad reputation in the industry. Most MLM companies were nothing more than a scam. And that’s why it is a suggestion that you only get into MLM of trusted network with real product. And avoid a Ponzi pyramid scheme at all costs. Some popular multi-level marketing companies are Amway, Herbalife, Avon. But we do not fully endorse getting into MLMs.

3. Deliver Parcels for E-Commerce websites

Working as a last-mile delivery or courier partner with E-commerce and delivery companies is an easy way to earn money in India. You do not necessarily need to work as a full-time delivery partner with these companies for some money. In fact, you can also work on your own schedule and work as much as your time permits. Especially in the last mile delivery segment, you can signup with them as a delivery partner and take delivery jobs/tasks as per your availability. This is an easy way to make some quick extra money in India. Some of the popular delivery companies are E-kart, Delhivery, Gati, DHL, Blue Dart, etc. To find out more courier services to apply for the job of the delivery executive, read the 10 courier services in India.

4. Work as a delivery person for Food & Grocery delivery platforms

Working as a delivery person with food and grocery delivery companies is something that you can also do on a part-time basis, as per your availability. These platforms allow the riders (delivery executives) to be online and take delivery orders as their time allows. Even though most riders do it full-time to earn a livelihood. There are people who do it part-time along with other work to get some extra income. To become a delivery partner on Zomator go to Runnr, here’s the link to Swiggy’s rider page Swiggy, and Duzno partner. The pay on these platforms is enough to sustain your minute expenses even if you do it part-time.

5. Work as an Insurance POSP

A POSP (Point of Salesperson) is the name used for an insurance agent who can sell insurance products to people. To become a POSP, you need to have the minimum educational qualifications as given by the IRDAI and undergo training provided by GoDigit or any other insurance company. With only 15 hours of training, you can become an expert at selling insurance products. It requires no investment, all you need is a smartphone and a working Internet connection. There is also no fixed timing and you can work on your schedule. Your income will depend on how many insurances you sell. And the best part is that anyone can become a POSP, students, homemakers, retirees, and working professionals. All banks and insurance companies are always hiring for a POSP. You can apply to GoDigit and ICICI Lombard directly from the website. You can also search on Google “Become a POSP insurance agent” and you’ll get lots of options to work at.