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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Fastest Leveling Guide

In this guide i will tell you about the fastest way to level up in Ni no Kuni crossworlds Global version.Use these tips and tricks to increase your level fastest and get your global ranking up.

Ni no kuni main wallpaper


  1. Introduction
  2. How to level Up
  3. Main Quests
  4. Reputation Quests
  5. Records
  6. Swift Solution
  7. Chaos Field
  8. Energy drinks


Ni no kuni wallpaper

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a free-to-play role-playing video game developed by Netmarble and published by Level-5 for Android, iOS, and Windows. The game was revealed in November 2019 and was released in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan on June 10, 2021, and globally in English on May 25, 2022. Cross Worlds was created using Unreal Engine 4.

The game's story follows a beta tester for a fictional virtual reality game called Soul Diver, which transports them to the world of Ni no Kuni. Within Soul Diver, they meet an AI character named Rania before a glitch crashes the game. The character awakens in a burning city where they save the Queen, who is revealed to be the parallel version of Rania

The game features five character classes: Destroyer, Engineer, Rogue, Swordsman, and Witch.

How to level up

ni no kuni level up

In Ni no kuni Cross worlds you need Experience points to level up.There are alot of ways to get experience point in the game. Now we are going to discuss all of them one by one and see how effective each of them is.

Main Quests

Main quests are one of the best way to level up in the game. They provide plenty of experience point and you can easily hit level 30 quite quickly just doing the main questline.So, do'nt roam around too much and focus on the main questline till you hit level 30.

Reputation Quests

ni no kuni reputaion quest

Reputation quest are given to you by the NPC in the game. These quest can be completed to get decent amount of experience point and also increase your reputation in the area.Reputaion quests also give you equipment and items, and in some cases required to unlock some new features in the game.


ni no kuni records

The records section of the game contains soulstone, specialities, vistas, chests.It may look a little extra at the beginning. But it very important to complete the record quest.Because it has amazing benefits.

ni no kuni records

So, it is recomended that you collect the soulstones of each area you go and complete the records quests to get some extra goodies.

Swift Solution

ni no kuni  swift solution

Swift solution may be is the fastest way to level up in the game currently.It gives you tons of experience point by doing simple quest.And if you have GOLD you can just finish the quest without doing anything. So, you can just level up in minute without any hardwork.

But there is a daily limit of 5 quest in swift solution.To get extra quests you need swift solution certificates which you can get from the Records quests mentioned eariler or you can trade them from the basic shops for 100 pieces of certificates which are dropped by monters in the game.

ni no kuni basic

Kingdom Shop

ni no kuni kingdom

If you have joined a kingdom or have your own one. You can have access to the kingdom.In the kingdom shop you can just buy the experience point.You can buy it 5 times a day which is quite a boost to leveling up.

Chaos Fields

ni no kuni map Chaos fields

In the challenge section of the menu you can find the chaos field. In chaos fields there are numbers of monsters of different level.So, you can easily level up there according to your level.And as a bonus there also many rare item drops in chaos fields. So check the monster info. from the map before fighting a monster to get desired items.

ni no kuni map Chaos fields

But, you should be on guard.Beacause, from the 2nd level PK(player killing) is allowed in the Chaos field.So, stay safe from the PKing.

Enery drinks

Energy drinks

Last but not least the energy drinks.It gives you 700% of extra points from monsters and also incease the drop rate by 7x . So, it is essential item for leveling in chaos fields or normal zones.

Energy drinks shop

You can buy enegy drinks from basic shops or completing daily missions.You also get plenty of energy potions from the Records quest.

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