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Mobile Legends May 2022 best heroes for Solo Rank - Mlbb - Season 24.

mobile legends game wallpaper

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a interesting and highly competitive game.

You've been playing Mobile Legends for a while.But you still don't know what heroes are good are bad.

Find the list of top best hero for solo rank mobile legends, you can check the list below with complete details.

Highly Banned heroes

mobile legends Wanwan mobile legends Xavier mobile legends estes mobile legends Yin mobile legends fanny mobile legends masha

Wanwan, Xavier, Estes, Yin, Fanny, Masha. These heroes are excluded from the list due to high ban rate.But if you are lucky enough , you can choose any of above for ranked push.

Best Fighter

mobile legends roger
marksman logo mobile fighter logo

Roger can still player as the jungler and be quite effective. He is one of the fastest heroes in the game,and also sustain a lot with decent damage from the early game.

mobile legends dyrroth

Dyrroth ,if used correctly is one of the most lethal fighters.His second skill and instantly burst the enemy hero and reduce the enemy defence upto 70%. It is best to build semi tank with two attack items.

mobile legends chou

Chou is the most versatile hero.It can be played both tank and fighter.It may be a little hard to master but surely worth the hardwork.

Best Mage

mobile legends Yve

Yve, is the one of most annoying mages in the game.Her second skill can slow the enemies down and also deal a significant amount of damage.While pushing you can use her Ult to completely zone out the enemies.

mobile legends kagura

Kagura is one the mages which always will be in meta.She can easily one shot squishy heroes and also can easily escape from sticky situation.

mobile legends cecilion

Cecelion is still the king of mages.The longer the game lasts, the stronger he gets.Just make sure to manage its mana in early game.

Best Marksman

mobile legends popal and kupa

Popal and Kupa are really shinning after the buff they received.Now they can easily dominate their lane in the laning phase, thanks to their first skill massice damage.Just build them with a few attack item and they can melt dow any hero in game.

mobile legends beatrix

Beatrix still remains one of the strongest marksman in current meta.She can instantly meltdown a hero with few shots.She can be played both middle and gold lane.

mobile legends clint

Clint is one of the strongest marksman sidelane.Its first skill can easily burst any enemy hero.As the game progress his critical damage starts to do alot of damages.

Best Assassin

mobile legends karina

For Karina the tank build is no longer viable due to upadate but you can still use hybrid tank build.Thats usaually works best and have highest win rates.If the enemy lacks Crown Control , you can easily dominate with Karina

mobile legends lancelot

Lancelot became a lot easier to use after the revamp.His damage and mobility are awesome.Just don't try to focus all the attention on yourself because he is still squishy.

mobile legends ling

Ling in the current meta mostly depends on purple buff.But he becames a real nightmare for enemy in late game. He can easily kill backline and escape in no time.

Best Tank

mobile legends gloo

Gloo is more effective a side laner than main tank.He can disrupt the entire enemy team with his ult and op regenration.If enemy with his gets eliminated he can use the ult almost immediately.

mobile legends esmeralda

Esmeralda still remains one of the best sidelaners in the game.Because if you ignore her, she can easily kill the backline.And it will take forever to kill her due to her shield.

mobile legends baxia

Baxia is totaly monster in this meta.It can be played both tank and jungler.It has very high mobility.Just aim his second skill well and you can easily kill any enemy fighter.