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Best Julian build 2022 | Season 24 : Items, Emblems & Strategy

Role: Fighter/Mage   Gold: 32000

Hero Tier: A+

Movement SPD: 262 Physical Attack: 128
Magic Power: 0 Physical Defense: 24
Magical Defense: 15 HP: 2878
Mana: 420 Attack Speed: 0.99
Hp Regen: 7.8 Mana Regen: 16


  1. Julian Pro & Cons
  2. Julian Skill
  3. Julian Best Spells
  4. Julian Items Build
  5. Julian Emblems Build
  6. Julian Counter
  7. Julian play Strategy
  8. Julian Story

Julian Pro & Cons


Julian Skill

Julian Best Spells

Execute is the only suitable spell for julian in current meta but if you encounter high cc you can always swap it with purify for extra survivability.

Julian Item Build

Julian Emblems Build


Julian Counter


Strong Against

Weak Against

Julian play Strategy

Julian Story

Unavailable Right now.