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How to Create Instagram 3D Avatar Character for Your Profile – Full step by step guide

Instagram Recently launched the Instagram 3D avatar Character so you can use it which looks cooler and 3D Avatar is basically the future of your profile so people will see it on metaverse because metaverse is the future.

What is Instagram 3D Avatar Character?

Instagram 3D avatar Character is Avatar that represents you in a 3D form and you can customize your looks by using the features of your 3D avatar you can use your 3D avatar for your Instagram Story and in the metaverse, it is your visual representation on metaverse. In the future, there will be more options for a 3D avatar so you can make it more awesome by using gadgets and NFTs because NFTs are present in Metaverse and now by using your Instagram you can easily go to metaverse with your Visual Representation.

Why do avatars matter?

In the past, you primarily had a profile on all major social media networks, with a picture name and short bio.

But in the Metaverse, the users’ identities need to be a visual representation of who you are, more dynamic and connected with all sorts of digital goods that identify you. These objects can be clothes, bags, items you bring in your bag, such as NFTs, collectibles, or similar.

And the best thing is that Meta believes that users need to bring 3D avatars with them across the Internet or the Metaverse in the future. In summary, Meta’s vision is to make avatars as the building block of the Metaverse that every user can bring this identity with them together will all their digital goods.

How to Create Instagram 3D Avatar Character

Here are the steps how to create 3D avatar in the Instagram app.

Go to Account Setting

First, you have to go to the Account setting for How to Create Instagram 3D Avatar Character so you can find the avatar option, sometimes it appears on the story option but if it not showing on the setting then you can go to the setting then account and click on the avatar option so it will open. Here is few image instruction if you can’t find it easily-

First, check your story menus if the Avatar option is available then it’s okay, if not then you have to follow a few steps.

Go to Setting

Click on account

Click on Avatar

Click on Get started

Once you reached to Avatar tag you can click on it and start to customize your look, there is lots of options like face color, face shape, body shape, clothes, hair color, eye color, lips, nose, and many more. There are a few images of the Customization of the avatar look so you can understand it better –

Once you complete all the customization with your look you can click on Done and your Instagram 3D Avatar Character will start Updating you can use it all across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in the future, you can also update it easily just by same steps.

Use it Across Instagram Story, Facebook and Messenger

When your Instagram 3D Avatar Character is Ready you can use it for an Instagram story, Facebook, and messenger, there are lots of emojis of your avatar which you can use and in the future, there will be more emojis.

How to use 3D avatar in Instagram Stories

Here is a simple use case for the 3D avatars

You can select your avatar as a sticker from the Instagram stories stickers library and place it on the story as any other sticker. The difference is that we can expect influencers to use their avatar as a new branding placement for their sponsors, so they can promote digital products that their avatar wears or uses.

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