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Noah's Heart Global Release Phantom Tier list, Tips and tricks and redeem codes

Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure, Gacha
Noah'Heart Global


is a brand-new sci-fi MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that is jointly developed by Archosaur Games and Famous Heart Limited. The game features an extensive large-scale open-world of Planet Noah, a fictional world where all types of species co-exist. After years of development and multiple beta tests, the team at Archosaur Games is delighted to reveal that Noah’s Heart will see its grand launch happening on 28th July 2022 for the North American and European regions. Players will be able to download Noah’s Heart as a free-to-play application on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and on their PC.

Noah'Heart Global

The “Phantom” in the game Noah’s Heart are the characters you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Noah’s Heart Panthom are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific characters or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of Noah’s Heart Panthom Tier characters to determine which ones are the best for PvP. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the Noah’s Heart Characters Tier list.

Noah's Heart Phantom tier list

We can put our phantoms into three grades based on their strength in the gameplay as follows.

SSR – this grade comes with the best phantoms to the game, and here we see the most powerful units with the best skills for the Noah's Heart gameplay. Every game mode can be easily acquired by utilizing these units, and they are your go-to phantoms for any game phase

SR – the middle range skilled phantoms are featured here, and they have a fair and decent amount of performance in the gameplay

R – This grade comes with the least skilled phantoms, and you will not be able to do many things by using these heroes.

S Tier Phantoms

Noah'Heart Global artien


Noah'Heart Global auria


Noah'Heart Global sanada


Noah'Heart Global kiko


Noah'Heart Global Ave


Noah'Heart Global vivian


Noah'Heart Global Noah


Noah'Heart Global zeta


Noah'Heart Global viktor


Noah's Heart Global Release Trailer

Noah's Heart Global Tips and Tricks

Noah'Heart Global weapons


  • Sword and Shield: A balanced option between attack and defense. Allows for a flexible and fast play style.
  • Dual Blades: Even faster than the sword and shield, and much more offense-oriented, though somewhat harder to master.
  • Polearm: Long range and sweeping strikes make this specialized weapon ideal for engaging against multiple enemies, though it’s also great for hit and run tactics against tougher enemies.
  • Bow: The safest weapon choice as it lets you engage from long distances. It’s also quite flashy like all the others, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Noah's Heart Global redeem codes

    Contents –
  • Gold x 2000
  • Copper x 3
  • Rock x 3
  • Crystal x 3
  • Soft Wood x 3