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The Punjaban Song Lyrics

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Name THE PUNJAABBAN SONG (Video) JugJugg Jeeyo | Varun Kiara Anil Neetu | Tanishk Gippy Zahrah Romy Abrar
Video Uploader T-Series
Video Description The Punjaban Song Song CREDITS Song Name: THE PUNJAABBAN SONG Singers: Gippy Grewal, Zahrah S Khan, Tanishk Bagchi & Romy Music/Lyrics - Tanishk Bagchi, Abrar Ul Haq Programmed and Arranged - Tanishk Bagchi Rhythm Arranged - Krishna Kishor Dholak Tabla - Raju Sardar & Sanjeev Sen Mandolin - Tapas Roy Guitar - Somu Seal Dhol - Hanif & Aslam Special thanks - Sumeet Kr Tyagi Female Chorus - Surya Ragunaathan, Shudhi Ramani, Debanjali Biswas, Abhiruchi Singh Male Chorus - Sudhanshu Shome, Rakesh Deol, Kabul bukhari , Anupam burman Mixed and Mastered: Eric Pillai at Future Sound Of Bombay Special thanks - Shivam Chanana Dubbing Coordinator - Chayan Rio Ghosh Music Supervisor - Azeem Dayani Music Label: T-Series
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The Punjaban Song Lyrical Video

Nachh Punjabban
Jitne Bhi Nach de ne saare
Koi naiyo there Jaisa lagda
Gir gaye aasman se taare
Na Bindiya Tu aise Chamka
Ji kalle kalle rehna mainu Achha lagda
Jo Bhi Tu kahe saara mainu jhootha lagda
Na mere jaisa mileya Caribbean to Kutch
Aa angrejji music mein
De de tu punjabi touch
Nachh Punjabban
Nachh Punjabban
O Aja sajke ajaa
O aja kamar hila ajaa
O sarey mood jamaa jaa
Mausam tajaa taajaa
Sari duniya me ji
Hit hain Punjaabi sach

Nachh Punjabban

Nachh Punjabban
Lagga le ji kalla tikka
Nazar na tainu laagey
Soda soda rang yeh tera
Marjavaa gur khaakey
Tu jo nachchey sarey tainu
Dekhkhe ji paglakey
Paga Paga Paga Pagalakey

Je tu nachhey hove
Dhamaka ji Too much.. Nach..

Nachh Punjabban
Nachh Punjabban
O Aja sajke ajaa
O aja kamar hila ajaa
O sarey mood jamaa jaa
Mausam tajaa taajaa
Sari duniya me ji
Hit hain Punjaabi sach..

Nachh Punjabban
Nachh Punjabban
Nache Nache Nache Nache
Nachh Punjabban

Nache Nache Nache Nache
Dekh teri chal Meri Jaan jandiye
Khil jaye Dil tu jo paas aandiye (2)

Nachh Punjabban

Nachh Punjabban

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