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Hockey reels editing | neel_efx reels editing

In this post,we will see how to make this type of video using VN app.

If you have not seen this editing tutorial yet , Click below to watch full Tutorial.

Material used in this video

  1. Download VN APP
  2. Video (Material)

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1. Selling with online platforms

There are many websites and online marketplaces from where you can pick products and start selling online or offline. Some of these online selling platforms are: Ebay, Reselling with Meesho, Selling using Shopsy by Flipkart. The process of selling online with reselling platforms or marketplaces is simple, you pick the products of your choice for selling and sell it online or in your circle. The platforms will handle the shipping on your behalf and you’ll receive your profit margin. By doing this business you can answer the question of how to earn money online in India without investment.

2. Publish Books / Writing Books

In the digital age of the Internet, writing and publishing books is easy and also free. Gone are the days when writers were required to find a publishing house and get hard copies printed for their books and market it to sell them in the bookstores. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, GoodReads (for distribution/marketing), Kindle, and E-books have changed the game for writers and made it possible for anyone to write, publish, and sell books online. You can also leverage social media and Google Books for promoting your book. If you want to sell books in paperback, then you can check out NotionPress. With NotionPress, ​​you can publish your book in both eBook and paperback formats to reach a wider audience and gain more visibility. Other popular ebook publishing platforms in India are Juggernaut, YourQuote, and Pratilipi. Also, figure out what kind of book you’d like to write. For research purposes, you may read the broad categorization of books here the main difference between fiction and nonfiction.

3. Consulting

Due to remote work, you are no longer limited by the city you live in. As long as you have the skills and you know how to make yourself visible in front of the relevant opportunities, you can work anywhere in the world from your home and make a decent amount of money easily. Consulting is a type of work where you help companies, brands, or teams in strategy, planning, and sometimes execution on a specific task at hand. Consulting jobs are available in various fields like Human resources (HR), marketing, technology and programming, legal, etc. You can sign up on LinkedIn, AngelList, Indeed, Hirect, and more such platforms to see what kind of consulting jobs are available in the market. You can also upfront negotiate and plan the working hours and scope of work with your client as a consultant. You can start consulting side-by-side with your current job, owned business, or also as a homemaker. Consulting allows you to work on your terms and as time permits you. If you are an expert (professional) in any field or skill, you can try your hands at consulting and make money online in India with no investment.

4. Start your online t-shirt business

Do you know that you can design and sell t-shirts online In India? Do you know that it takes less than 10 minutes to start your own t-shirt brand online and you can do it with zero upfront investment? With Blinkstore, you can create your own online t-shirt store, put design and t-shirts, and start selling at your own profit margins in less than 10 minutes. Along with T-shirts, blinkstore also provides you with hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, kid’s clothing, women’s clothing, and 30 more varieties of products. The best part about starting your online business with Blinkstore is that it requires very little time commitment and no investment. Before you jump into creating your store, designing t-shirts, and making them live on Blinkstore. We’d suggest that you do in-depth research on the market, figure out what kind of t-shirt designs you’d like to sell, who is the right target audience of buyers for your t-shirts, and how you’ll promote your t-shirt brand among them. For example, your target audience can be tech bros who’d like t-shirts with cool one-liners on them and you’d promote it in Facebook groups of developers. Voila! There is a t-shirt business brief ready for you to test.