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In this post,we will see how to make this type of video using VN app.

If you have not seen this editing tutorial yet , Click below to watch full Tutorial.

Material used in this video

  1. Download VN APP
  2. Video (Material)

Download from here

Telegram link

Drive link

Let's Start the Tutorial Step by Step

  1. First of all download VN APP from playstore or any appstore
  2. Open VN APP - Click on new project - Select video material which you have downloaded from the Above Link
  3. Trim video according to timings mentioned in Youtube tutorial video
  4. Replace Whatsapp facebook and instagram pics with your pics and Mute Video Sound
  5. Extract music from the video material which you have downloaded from above link
  6. Add effects and that's all Save It and Enjoy.
    1. If you don't understant this than you can watch the tutorial video on youtube at the beginning of the post.

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