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Money earning Ideas

1. Learn Stock Market Trading / Invest in Stocks

After the stock market crash in 2020’s Pandemic, the stock market growth has been tremendous. Which has drawn a lot of new investors to the party. People who are not institutional investors are called Retail Investors, and we’ve seen a surge in the number of retail investors joining the market in the last 2 years. You can also read this guide by Investopedia on How to Start Investing in Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide. For people in India, there are now plenty of trusted applications available on PlayStore and iOS for buying and selling stocks. Some of the most popular stock trading apps in India are Groww, PayTm Money, Zerodha, Upstox, Smallcase, etc. Getting started with stock market trading is not difficult, because all these apps are very user-friendly and simple to understand. The difficult part is learning about the market, picking the right stocks, and buying & selling at the right time. And that is something that we can’t teach you. To get started, you can watch videos on Groww YouTube Channel to learn the basics and stay updated with what’s happening in the market.

2. YouTube Videos / Become a YouTuber

YouTube has become the biggest source of entertainment, information, news, and music for the Indians. Not only in India, but YouTube is also the biggest video-based social platform in the world. No doubt that people come to YouTube for anything they are searching for on the Internet, it is also the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. After the launch of Jio in India, YouTube content consumption skyrocketed in the country. That led to many new youtube creators crossing the mark of 1 million views on their videos and also 1 million subscribers on their videos. You can read YouTube’s monetization policy here in detail. To be eligible for monetizing your YouTube channel and earning via Google Adsense, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of content watched, and no policy violations. The kind of user-generated content on YouTube that gets the most views fall broadly into two categories: Entertainment and Educational. You can research and find out on YouTube about what kind of content is not available in good quality in terms of content and value, and start creating competitive content around that. Or you can also bring something unique to YouTube content with your personal vlog, life journey, etc. Make ensure that your videos add value to someone’s life, and you’ll definitely get some views on your content. Read the complete guide on How to earn money from YouTube in India.

3. Build Apps and Sell Them

This is something that developers, entrepreneurs, and product makers would find interesting. If you have the skills required to make a mobile app, web app, or website with utility, then this is something that you try. There are websites for selling your side project (or app): Microacquire, SeedProof, Tiny Acquisition, SideInvest. This is a relatively tougher thing to pull off than many other things mentioned on this ultimate guide to making money online in India. But it is highly rewarding. Once you create your mobile or web app and have some users on it (paying or non-paying), you can list it for sale on the above-mentioned websites. If someone finds it interesting as a potential business, then they’ll send you an acquisition offer to purchase the rights and ownership of your app.

4. Make Effective Use of Social Networking websites/apps (Become an influencer)

Utilizing your own presence on social networking websites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Moj, etc. by building a large follower base to monetize it later is something that many people are successfully doing. Becoming a social media influencer is now seen as a full-time job and it has the potential to not only help you make money online as a side income but over time can become your complete source of income. To become popular on social media, there are a few basics that you need to keep in mind and follow. Number one is to have your own unique content niche. Your niche defines what kind of content you’d be uploading and who’ll be consuming it. Post that, you need to define your content type and accordingly pick a social media platform. For example, if you want to go with long-form video content, then you’d choose YouTube. On the other hand, if you want to go with very short text content in any niche, you’d choose Twitter. The second thing about this is to create great content that is worthy of consumption, sharing, and liking. You’ll need to ideate, plan, and create your content in bulk to stay consistent with churning out content on your social media. Slowly you’ll start developing an understanding of what your audience likes and responds to. As you grow your audience, you’ll start getting paid brand deals, and that way you can start earning money online with your social media. Further Read: 15 Amazing Ideas on How to Earn Money From Instagram in India

5. Virtual Assistant

Some CXOs and people with very busy schedules around the world hire virtual assistants for themselves. The job of virtual assistants is usually to help others manage their time by managing email inbox, scheduling meetings, taking up manual jobs, managing calendars, managing social media, or curating content. The websites for finding virtual assistant jobs are the same as the websites for finding freelance work and remote jobs. You need to sign up on these platforms and search for “Virtual Assistant Jobs”. You can also follow this link that’ll directly take you to virtual assistant jobs: Upwork – Virtual Assistant Jobs. Here’s a detailed guide on How to become a virtual assistant with little experience.

6. Create Podcasts

The audio and video podcasts have taken up the Internet by storm. All big tech companies have invested in their podcast apps and podcast experience. Google, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, all the big tech companies have something launched in the podcasting space. People love listening to podcasts because, unlike videos, podcasts don’t need active attention. That allows people to listen to podcasts while driving, working, working out, running, cooking, or traveling. And the ability of podcasts to be creative, informative, educational, and entertaining has made it the favorite content format for many. You can also read the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to start a podcast. Here’s how to approach starting your own podcast. Research and narrow down on your niche depending on your area of expertise and interest. Get a basic mic from Amazon. Install OBS for better controls on the recording. And start recording your podcast using Anchor. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Once you record it, distribute your podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Podcast, and other podcast marketplaces to promote it.

7. Traffic Exchange

If you search on Google “traffic exchange websites”, you’ll find dozens of websites on your search result that promise your free traffic. Apart from free traffic, traffic exchange websites also offer things are like free followers on Twitter, YouTube, etc. The way these websites work is by giving you a certain number of free credits that you can utilize to bring traffic to your site or gain followers. To earn more credits, you will need to follow other Twitter accounts, visit websites given on their dashboard, and watch youtube videos. By doing all these things, you can accumulate credits. And these credits are worth some money. You can either use these credits to boost traffic on your website, grow your own followers, or sell it to others. Here’s a list of 20+ Traffic Exchange websites along with how they work, their pros, and cons.

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